Le .GAY propose une « Sunshine period »

Le .GAY propose une « Sunshine period »

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Much of dotgay’s work with the community to this point has been focused on securing the .GAY domain for community operation and benefit for LGBTQIA people, but now it’s time to start looking ahead to prepare for when it actually arrives.Under dotgay’s community model, community members who registered a domain prior to May 1, 2012 on any other domain (like .COM or .ORG) will have the chance to jump the line and secure that exact same name on .GAY before names generally become available. This registration phase is called the Sunshine Period and was designed out of community input for the need to protect community members from the fear of another Wild West scenario when .GAY launches.
Although community members with national and multi-national trademarks will have the first opportunity to register .GAY domain names during the ICANN imposed Sunrise Period, dotgay is the only applicant for .GAY who has inserted a unique registration period to prevent community organizations and businesses from being scammed by domain grabbers who aim to snap up their names, inflate prices and resell the domains as commodities. dotgay’s Sunshine Period will take place immediately following the Sunrise Period, and will be limited to community members only.Not sure if you want to register .GAY domain names yet? No worries as you don’t need to decide until much later in the process. Protecting the exact matches to the names you currently use on other domains remains the primary goal of the Sunshine Period, BUT since this is a unique offering of dotgay the only way receive the protection is to enter your current address(es) into dotgay’sExpression of Interest website.
As mentioned above, the only way to be considered for the Sunshine Period is to complete the Expression of Interest online by entering all of the domain names that you currently own which you may later consider registering on .GAY. Entering your existing names is just the first step to protection. When the time comes down the road for you to decide which exact matches you wish to register on .GAY, we will be able to contact you with the details on how to proceed. No penalty or fees for not registering any names you may have entered.The Expression of Interest website is just another example of how a community model for .GAY is working for you, and in the best interest of the community overall.

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